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Nagano Yudanaka Shimaya


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We get TripAdvisor TRAVELERS' CHOICE 2012 WINNER & 2013 WINNET. for two yearsWelcome to Shimaya Ryokan in Yudanaka Spa Resort in Nagano! Shimaya Ryokan provides FREE Shuttle Service to Jigokudani, as well as the Monkey Park; where you can see monkeys in the outdoor hot spring baths.
Welcome to our

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We are only 8 minutes walk from Yudanaka Station, Nagano Dentetsu Line.

## Nagano Station to Yudanaka Station ##
We are about 45 minute train ride on the Nagano Dentetsu line. Take the Yudanaka train station to our place.

##At Nagano Station##
At Nagano Station, you have to change trains.
You take Naganodentetsu line for Yudanaka..
But it doesn't make a good connection at times.
So you had better consult the timetable. .
From Nagano to Yudanaka, it takes about 45 minutes by express,
or 70 minutes by local train

## From Yudanaka Station to Our Ryokan ##
When you get to Yudanaka Station on the Nagano Dentetsu line. turn left out of station You will see a Lawson convenience store in front. You need to turn left and then turn right up the hill, keep the Lawson store on your right side. After 300m you will see a Spar store[e-store]. The Shimaya Hotel is on the left side next to the Haiku museum,20m after the Spar store. If you arrive too late please kindly let us know. We will wait you until check in time. There are several restaurants less than 100 meters away from our hotel. You can have a light dinner for 500 to 2000yen there. There is a cinvenience store(Lawson) near Yudanaka Station.It is open around theedat clock.
Things to do in Yudanaka in October!!

1)Go to Mount SHIRANE
We went there by bus, bus leave at 8:17am from bus stop kanbayashi of course Yumoto san drove us and told us about this mountain all so told us to see it and it is not disappointed. We arrived at the mountain around 9:30am. We paid 1,000yen per person,
With our little Japanese language knowledge, we think that the ticket is for 1 day to travel around the area and we got it from the bus driver (but double check, we may misunderstood ) After you arrived at the mountain with the mountain in the front, walk to the left, up the mountain about 10-15minutes to see the crater. It is beautiful. On the way back, we took 10:50am bus to Hasuike and changed bus bound for Yudanaka Station. At Hasuike in October the autumn foliage is so beautiful with leave in red and yellow. It is so good that we have to change the bus here.
2) Monkey park
From Hasuike, we got on 12:13bus to Kanbayashi Onsen then walk about 30mints to the monkey park, may not that spectacular compare to the time it snow but it is quite an experience we saw couple of monkeys taking a bath.
3) Walk through Shibu Onsen
From Monkey Park, we walked back to Shibu Onsen, bought souvenir towel to collect stamp from 9 public bath. As Yumoto san said to keep it as good memory.
4) Go to ASASHINAYA and TAMAYA restaurant.
At ASASHINAYA for soba Yumoto san drove and the owner took us back to the hotel.
At TAMAYA for Chanko Nabe and fried chicken with teriyaki sauce. Both restaurants have English menu, friendly owners, good & delicious food and we got souvenirs from both places.
5) Take out door onsen during sunset.
Yumoto san recommend us to go to onsen up in the mountain,of course he drove us there and picked us up after 1 hour we booked private onsen and it is great with the view of the town.
Al the things we have written about, we got it from Yumoto san
So whatever he recommend you do Just do it and will not be disappointed.

Thank you Yumoto san for the hospitality. It will be in our memory, we will definitely recommend this hotel to our friends who want to YUDANAKA !!

??????????????????Apirat & Pochaporn
+++Loctated Near++++++++
??Open-air bath??
If you wish to experience an open-air bath(Roten-buro)with a spectacular view of the sunset. 'Tomi-no-yu' located five minutes away from our hotel,
with only 2,500 you can enjoy the excellent view of Yudanaka countryside with private bath for 50 minutes .it is highly recommended and worthwhile to pay a visit.
The private bath has an amazing and gorgeous view. If you can spare the cost, it is most definitely worth it. Definitely a memorable, unforgettable experience.

++Located Near++
#Obuse attraction#
?Ganshouin Temple?
Ganshoin Temple houses a painting of the Ho'o (Phenix)by the famous painter Hokusi
which was painted near the end of his life.The painting is located on the celing of the temple and is quite beautiful. Admission to the temple is 300 Yen for 1 person.there is there is also a beautiful pond and garden which is home to a variety of Frogs/toads for which the temple seems to pay homage to.
Ganshoin is a little far from the station.If you are walking it is not that difficult to get to, just follow the signs on the roads(there are many to help you set thete)
the kanji for the temple is GANSHOUIN so keep a Kanji for there character in case you
get lost!
There is also asouvenior shop that sells many nice Obuse products in front of the temple.Also,if you find yourself liking Hokusai's phoenix painting you can buy a poster of it from the gift shop in the temple itself. ?Hokusai is famous for painting the picture of the waves crashing in the Japanese sea. If you wan to see more of his painting there is a Museum in Obuse called the 'Hokusai Museum'which is located bout 10 minutes(walking)from the station. ?Ask the Front desk(owner)of the Ryokan for an English Map of Obuse,it is very detailed and will get you were need to go!

Senseki-tei is a restaurant that specialize in chestnut rice and Zaru soba
and is quiet delicious. The staff were very Friendly and helpful should you have any question about the surrounding shop/area. If you are a light eater (or don't want to be stuffed) I recommend you get the kuriwappa set (1,207 Yen) which consists of chestnut rice,miso soup salad pickled vegetables, a pot of tea and egg-pudding like dish
(sorry, no soba included). There are also much larger sets that include soba,tempur,and the above mentioned dishes but cost little more. There is a display in front of the restaurant of all the dishes they serve and price.
Beside the restaurant is a Gift shop that sell many sweets made from chest nuts,
as well as some chestnut rice to take back home,
?Kurinoki Terasu (sweet Shop)
Around the corner from Senseki-tei is Kirinoki-terasu which is a caf'/sweets shop. It's
Mont Blanc pastries and the many varieties of teas it serves.The caf' is very spa
and clean and the atmosphere is very nice. Get the Mon Blanc ,it's really yummy!

+++Located Near+++++
One of our many reason to travel to YUDANAKA SHIMAYA was to ski SHIGA KOUGEN And it turned out to be well worth it!
SHIGA KOGEN is easily accessible from SHIMAYA RYOKAN by catching a Shuttle Bus(690 each way) from YUDANAKA Station you can also purchase your UPT ticket at the bus ticket window(5,800 for all 21 ski fields-this increase a 1,000 deposit for the returnable Electronic Lift Ticket which can be returned to the bus ticket window to get your deposit back)
It takes approximately 30 minutes to reach the first ski field(sun valley)and a further 30 minutes to reach YKEBITAIYAMA ski field. The bus stops at each ski field in between and during the day you can ride the shuttle between the ticket scanned by the driver when you get off.
we skied YAKEBITAIYAMA ski field as we could not drag ourselves away from the extensive terrain and long, wide runs. we found that the amount of people skiing early morning and late afternoon to be minimal-best to get the early bus to make the most of it(lift run from 8am to 4pm-a couple run to 4:30pm) the runs were well groomed and lift lines were almost non existent(due to the great electronic lift ticket system, the lack of skier and fantastic gondola's and lifts)
At the end of awesome days skiing we returned to YUDANAKA by shuttle bus we had to catch the mountain shuttle to the terminal at sun valley where we purchased our bus ticket home & swapped buses to the YUDANAKA shuttle.
We loves YAKEBITAIYAMA and want to come bck to experience the other 20 ski fields!
Thanks to Mr Yumoto foe all his help&recommendation!

we went to Yomase Ski field tonight we were the only guest at the ryokan so Mr Yumoto
was kind enough to drive us up there. Its only a 10minute car ride through the scenic apple orchirds. there is an outdoor onsen about 50 meters short of the ski field that can be reached on foot bout a day on the slopes.
The ski hire is in the large building on the left as you look at the slopes. A snow board and boots was 3,500yen A tip it you need gloves don't hire them, it's cheaper to buy at the convenience store 990 opposite. My girl friend wasn't skiing but was able to purchase a one way ticket up the first chair lift to the caf' on the slopes for 300yen.There is a road you can walk up through the caf' on the slope s far 300yen. there is a road you can walk up though we were discouraged. you one went to walk buck down, but as it was snowing heavily I managed to borrow a toboggan from the ski hire so ski could ride down.. The
cafe is quiet spacious and perfect for any non skiers in your group. Theses plenty of food and drink and the people watching is great. The day was fantastic with beautiful sunshine in the morning then the clouds rolled in and the snow belted down in the after noon. Take you scenic photo's when you can as we missed out due to clouds. The chair lift had goes to the top shuts at 4:30. while the rest stay open to 5:00pm we called Mr Yumoto who kindly picked us up,. back to the Ryokan for a nice hot bath. A tip, if you find the wafer to hoot as we did, use the cold tap for a while ,it makes a huge difference you'll love YOMASA! we were the on a Monday and there were probably only 200hudred other people on the mountain 3/32008

+++Located Near+++++
###Local beer ###
I recomend the local beel to anyone who wants a change from the mass produced lagers. The IPA and Pale Ales have a delicious hoppy and are better that a lot of beers in the UK. Apparently you can also visit the Tamamura-Honten brewery down the road.
Richard west (British)

+++Located Ner+++
#Shiga Kogen Ikemegyri Nature Trail#

Our stay at Shimaya was fantastic! mr Yumoto is excellent host! He was very helpful with our questions and requests. We wanted to go hiking and mr Yumoto recommended the Ikemeguri Nature trail. it had beautiful views of Lake Onumaike.
before our trek ,we visited the 'Jigokudan wild Monkey Park' we spent 2.5 hours at the park and trekked out to the main road and boarded the bus at Kanbayashi onsen guchi bus stop. after a 0,5 hour bus ride, we alighted at Szurikawa bus stop where we then took a lift up to Shibuike Pond. After the 7km point,the trail split into 2 directions and we took the trail in the direction of Hachiyama. After 45minut, we arrive at the Shijyuhachiike marshland. From there it was it was another 5km up and down the ridge to Lake Onumaike. There after, it took us 45minuts to reach Onumakie iriguchi. Along the way, there were many opportunities to take photos of the Lake and autumn foliage. make sure you reach the end point, Onumaike iriguchi before 4:30pm!
otherwise, it is a 2 hour wait in the dark and cold before the next bus arrives.
The walk takes rounding 4hours to complete, slightly more if you want to stop along the way for photo taking. (shannon Corinne )17October 2006.

Located near

Jigokudani Yaen Koen (Onsen Monkey Park, some people call it snow monkey park) Shiga Kogen 40min by car Shibu Onsen 10min on foot Communal Bath Houses 5min on foot. Heiwa Kan-non (Peace Buddha statue)

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Check-in is 3pm and Check-out is 10am. Dinner is offered upon request. (make sure to order once confirming your booking through your booking service, prices vary) Breakfast on the following day can be prepared if you ask for it when you check-in. (Japanese1350Yen per person.western800Yen per person)). Payments both CASH and Card acceptable.