Nara UGAYA Guesthouse

4-1 Okukomori-cho, Nara

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Nara UGAYA Guesthouse


Overview of Hostel

Nara Ugaya Guesthouse provides you not only reasonable but clean and comfortable accommodation. Linens like bed sheets and pillow covers are always fresh, and we keep the bathroom and the shower room perfectly clean and tidy all the time.

We have ladies and mixed dormitories, rooms with bunk bed

From Nights People


From JR Nara station (6 min)

1. Leave the station via Central Exit (Chuo Kaisatsu).
2. Go past a Lawson and Seven Eleven you can see on the RIGHT.
3. Cross the Main street at the trafic light (DO NOT TURN!) and walk into a narrow path.
A Kimono Shop is on the corner.
4. Keep walking straight.
5. You will find UGAYA on your RIGHT just before the end of the street.

From Kintetsu Nara station (8min)

1. Leave the station via East Gate, then Exit 2.
2. Turn LEFT at the fountain to enter the shopping arcade.
3. Pass Daiso, Coto Shopping Mall on your RIGHT.
4. Turn RIGHT at the end of the arcade.
5. Stay on SANJO St. until you get to a big intersection.
A curry restaurant is on the LEFT corner.
6. Cross the intersection and then turn LEFT.
7. See a Shrine on your RIGHT, and turn RIGHT at the trafic light. A Black Cat charactor is on the corner.
8. Stay on the narrow path and make it RIGHT at the first fork in the street.
9. You will find UGAYA on your LEFT..

Located near

Todaiji Temple . 15 min walk Kofukuji Temple. 10 min walk Kasuga Taisha Shrine. 20 min walk Gangoji Temple. 10 min walk Nara National Museum. 15 min walk

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