Osaka International Youth Hostel

Hagoromokoen-Cho, Osaka

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Osaka International Youth Hostel


Overview of Hostel

Osaka International Youth Hostel is located in a large park. In the park, there are a lot of pinewoods and a canal is running beside the park. Our youth hostel is surrounded by nature even though Osaka is the second largest city in Japan and you can spend your own leisure time freely and easily aro

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It takes about 15 min. by train from the heart of Osaka, Namba.
If you come by JR line, please get off at Higashi-Hagoromo station.
If you come by Nankai line, please get off at Hagoromo station.
From each station, please walk about 15 min. to the youth hostel. You can get a map at each station..

Located near

The closest station JR line: Higashi-hagoromo Nankai line: Hagoromo The Youth Hostel is located in a large park, named Hamadera-Park.

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