Guest House Renjishi Kabuki

670-5.Kakimoto-cho,Inokumadori Gojyo Kudaru, Kyoto

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Guest House Renjishi Kabuki


Overview of Hostel

Kyoto Guest House Renjishi Kabuki
'RENJISHI KABUKI' is an old machiya, which is being reconstructed into lodgings with a family atmosphere.

Our guest house is located very closely to 'Nishi Hongwanji', which is listed as one of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto as a UNESCO World Heritage S

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Access from Kyoto Station.
- By walk -
Keep west on Shiokoji Street, which is the street between JR Kyoto station and Kyoto Tower, to Horikawa Street. Then go north on the Horikawa street to Gojo street. Passing Higashi-Honganji temple and Tokyu Hotels, turn to west at Gojo street. Proceed on Gojo street to Inokuma Street to south for about 100 meters. It takes about 15 minutes by walk.

- By Bus -
Take Bus # 73 at C5 Bus stop of Kyoto Station Bus Terminal, take off at Gojo Horikawa Bus stop. Then proceed on Inokuma street to south for about 100 meters. Bus fare is 220 yen.

- By Taxi -
Just tell the driver To the Inokuma Dori Gojo. After getting off proceed on Inokuma street to south for about 100 meters..

Located near

SURROUNDINGS Located near many temples ,shrines and sightseeinng spots. NEARBY ATTRACTIONS Nishi Hongwanji temple,Higashi Hongwanji temple Kiyomizu temple,To-ji,Sanjusangen-do,Shijo Kawaramachi

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Children under 13 years can't stay. Check in / 15:00 Check out / 10:00