Guest House KURA

39, Suzaka, Suzaka city, Nagano prefecture, Japan, Nagano

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Guest House KURA


Overview of Hostel

Welcome to Guest House KURA in Suzaka City, Nagano!!

An authentic traditional Japanese Guest House!

This house was built more than 100 years ago and was only renovated in 2012 in a way that retained the building's Japanese quaint atmosphere.

All rooms come in Tatami style and feature tradit

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+++how to get here from Suzaka station(15min)+++
1. Turn left out of the ticket gates and go down the stairs to street level
2. Follow the bus stop benches and cross the street
3. You will see a street in front of you with an arch and a clock over it. Take that street
4. You will pass a Lawson on your right and further on a temple on the left. The temple is really obvious, you won't miss it
5. After the temple you will see an intersection called Harukimachi minami(?????
6. Take a right at this intersection
7. You will see another Lawson on your right. Walk on the Lawson side of the street.
8. Look for a small wooden sign hanging a bit above eye level that says Guesthouse and you have arrived.
9. If you go past a green and white awning you've gone about 15 meters too far.
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+++From Nagano station+++
Take Nagano Dentetsu Line(Naga-den) bound for Suzaka/ Shinshu-nakano/ Yudanaka. Every train stop at Suzaka station..

Located near

We are located in a rural town, Suzaka City in Nagano. Suzaka is next to Nagano City. Suzaka City prospered from the Meiji era to the beginning of the Showa era as a silk cultivation town. Many warehouses called 'KURA' in Japanese still remain in the well-preserved old town. Guest House KURA is 15 min walk from Suzaka Sta. (Nagano Dentetsu Line) Very good location and easy access to Zenkoji temple, and Snow Monkey Park, Yonako Great Falls( it has beautiful Autumn leaves around falls).

Conditions & Policy

Child Friendly

Phone:+81262147945 Fax:+81262147946 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please note : CANCELLATION POLICY We require at least 3 days notice prior to your arrival date to cancel or alter your booking. Our cancellation charges are as follows: 3days before,2days before-:50%, the day before, on the day, No show-:100% ------------------------------------------------------------------------