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Shiraita 1-1-6, Matsumoto

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Matsumoto Backpackers


Overview of Hostel

Easy to find five minutes from Matsumoto station. A Japanese house which is friendly, comfy and your home in Japan.
We are a perfect base for day trips - that's what guests tell us! Stay with us for adventures in the Kiso Valley, Kamikochi, Daio Wasabi Farm, Kurobe Alpen route and more. Guests and

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We are less than five minutes walk from Matsumoto Station. Two choices are:

A) Matsumoto train station West ????? Alps Entrance.
Go to traffic lights Alps entrance ?????. Turn right. 2 minutes
Habaue?? traffic lights, cross bridge and turn right. 2 minutes
Follow the river and we are between the river and ABC Pachinko & Slot. 1 minute

B) Matsumoto Station main entrance (Castle ??.
Left past Mos Burger to ????? traffic lights. Three minutes.
Cross road and left. To railroad tracks. On the right a wooden pedestrian bridge crosses a river. 1 minute.
Cross the bridge, left under the rail line and we are on the right beside ABC Pachinko and Slot. Two minutes.

Located near

We are less than five minutes walk from Matsumoto/ Bus Station. Matsumoto is the cultural capital of Nagano Province. It is famous for its castle and surrounding mountains. Visitors are spoiled for choice when thinking of things to do in the area around Matsumoto known as Chushin or central Nagano. With museums, nature, pastoral scenes and skifields a plenty the eager visitor could cram in a whole week of adventures all using Matsumoto Backpackers as a convenient base of course!

Conditions & Policy

Please understand some price increase through HW since their commission increased to 12% from March. Please let us know if you'd like to drop your luggage during the day as we may be out otherwise. Being a former Japanese family home built with wood we ask guests to consider our neighbours' feelings at nighttime. Thank you and see you soon!